My Story

          I was born and raised on a farm in the mid west. My sister and I started singing together when we were kids.We performed with Porter Wagoner,George Jones and Faron Young.etc.  Later I joined a band  called " The Wild West",playing bars and night clubs. A few years later My husband and I put our own band together,"Ginny & and The Right Combination". We played auditorium shows with many of the big Nashville stars.                                                                                                       In the early 90's we took a break from the music business,(burnout I guess) bought a couple Harley's and toured the US.. It was a great time,(minus a few spills on my part). After riding for ten years I decided to sell my bike,before I killed myself! I always believed  in quitting on top,(not underground).                                                  Ask any musician, they will  say, you can NEVER get music out of your blood,so it was back to the music. We put  some of our old band together and added  new members,fantastic musicians and great people. We now have a five piece band playing Classic Country,50's&60's,Cajun,and a little new Country. We love playing music and hope you come see us soon. Special Thanks to Dale Chroninger for recording our music page.